Just about everyone has experienced what it’s like to be drunk and everyone has definitely experienced what it’s like to be around a drunk person.  Drunk people are awful and amazing at the same time.  If you aren’t fascinated by what alcohol does to humans, then you probably need to lighten up and have a drink.  There are several types of drunks and you never really know which one will come out until the alcohol unveils it’s magic and/or curse.  And with each type of drunk that emerges as the drinks are downed throughout the night, there are pros and cons for each of these inebriated personalities.


The Emotional


Some people get drunk and escape their problems.  Others get drunk and start a therapy session where they dump all their life problems onto others.  For the most part, emotional drunks will ruin the night for everyone around them.

Pros: Perhaps the only advantage to emotional drunks is they can definitely make you feel like your life is going great by comparison.  Maybe you had a bad day, but at least you’re not crying in a sports bar about how you never had a real childhood.  The only other positive to being around an emotional drunk is that at least their drunken emotions are honest.  Alcohol can be the ultimate truth serum.  No one who is drunk and crying their eyes out is lying about their feelings.  And after your fun night out is ruined, hopefully your friend will feel better after you spent hours being their bar therapist.  Make sure to bill them later.


Cons: Your partying partner-in-crime turning into an emotional drunk has several obvious cons.  It can be embarrassing, draining, and overall a buzzkill.  No one looks forward to a night out taking care of their emotional wreck of a friend.  The whole reason to go out is to have a good time, not to witness the dark layers of depression that lie within others.  The second someone your drinking with sheds a tear, it’s time to call an Uber.


The Singer


Alcohol and the urge to sing go hand in hand.  There is a whole business centered around it called Karaoke.  Where there’s drunk people, there’s singing.


Pros: It can be fun.  Watching your friends sing their hearts out while drunk can be a blast.  Ironically even more so if they sing horribly.  And ou can often learn that your straight-laced typically uptight friend knows every word to Baby Got Back.


Cons: It can be insanely annoying.  Hearing your friends drunk singing for a minute is fun.  Hearing them do it for anything more than a minute is unbearable.  If one of your drunk friends gets excited and yells “Ooh that’s my song!”, you better either have ear plugs or a lot of patience.


The Dancer


Drinking doesn’t only lead to singing, it also leads to dancing.  Every beverage with even an ounce of alcohol in it should have a warning label reading “May Cause Awful Dancing”.


Pros: Drunk dancing is the ultimate expression of happiness. And watching a drunk person dance is always entertaining for at least a little while.  Whether a drunk person is dancing horribly or somehow impressing the whole bar, it’s always fun to watch.


Cons: It’s usually embarrassing.  Most people who get wasted and hit the dance floor are about to look crazy.  It’s like driving by a bad car accident.  You wanna look away.  But you have to look.

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