May swept through the box office with a lot of surprises. It was a spectacular victory for the Vietnamese movie “I’m Not 18” surpassing foreign blockbusters such as “Militia Guard 2”, “Legends of Authur”, “Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar Avenger” . Summer 2017 is still more than half way through, and let’s take a look at some of the highlights, from heroes to warriors, from animation to horror.

For superhero movie fans, look forward to the next two installments of “Transformers: The Last Knight” (23/6) and “Spider-Man: Home Coming” (July 7) Has become the brand. However, the star of this summer can only be “Wonder Woman” (2/6), the first film focusing on a superhero woman will certainly bring originality and promises of even more surprises!

As the summer heats up, let the dust of the ancient tombs chill you spine in “Mummy – Egyptian mummy” (9/6). Will Tom Cruise triumph over the ugly but powerful mummy? Come to the theater and find the answer. If you still need a bit more chill, wait patiently until August, with the return of “Annabelle 2” (11/8). The film tells the origin of the ghost doll has given millions of people around the world goosebumps.

For children and adults that are children at heart, Cars 3 (16/6) and Despicable Me 3 (30/6).

Fans of Vietnamese movies will meet “The girl that’s been here since yesterday” Miu Le (21/7) or “Love, do not be afraid” (July 7) with Nha Phuong. Ngo Kien Huy is probably the most popular guy this summer when he appeared in both films out July.

With so many choices out there, your 2017 summer season will definitely not be boring, at least when it comes to movie theaters!

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