For the Saigon people, late night “snacking”is a long-standing habit. Because of that, when the lights come on at night, the street suddenly becomes tightly packed as people pour out. It is like Saigon has another life, a gastronomic paradise for diners. Especially, the snail stands are frequented by many people.

Nguyen Thu An (30 years old), a native of Saigon, said that of late night “snacks”, popular favorites, the most enjoyed are  snail dishes.  “Saigon has a lot of snail stands, if you name them, there are nearly 20 famous ones, so diners remember their name, crave the flavors they’ve tasted.  The price is reasonable, for about 100 thousand VND you can enjoy some pretty good  snail dishes, “she says.

Devotees of this folk dish will make frequent stops at Ốc Đaò. the shop is  located in the heart of Saigon, on Nguyen Thai Hoc Street (District 1). The business has expanded, the owner has expanded to 3 main branches (2 branches in District 1 and other branches in Phan Xich Long embankment). The regulars love their snail meat fresh, slightly chewy and firm textured. Especially the sauce that is created is very tasty, once eaten … hard to forget. So even though prices are slightly higher than other hotels, the restaurant is always crowded. In addition, there are the famous ones: Oc Xinh (located in the apartment block on Khanh Hoi street, district 4, Saigon), Ngon Ngon (Pasteur street 3), Su Xuan (Thanh Thai street, district 10). Some spots, just the name makes you want come in and enjoy. Curious customers ask? Are the Snail delicious or hostess pretty? How delicious are they? … Once you’ve tried ‘em, you’ll be addicted without knowing it. Bring friends to enjoy … snail shops are a meeting place for friends and families to grab a simple, quick meal.

From a rustic dish, reserved for the poor, the snail suddenly becomes a specialty, favored. Say what you want, but the creative new flavors being offered are what makes these snails “famous”. Not just simply boiled but also fried, steamed … very creatively. Besides, there are many other delicious seafood such as scallops, crabs, prawns … Sauces accompanied with food are always an important part of the experience lead diners back, making guests remember. As customers come to Oc Quang Quang (To Hien Thanh Street) famous for its crisp shrimp dipping sauce. Each shop has their own secret taste, depending on the palate that customers choose … Each store has its own way of serving. There is a shops that sell alcohol, but diners drink no more than 2 bottles to ensure safety when joining traffic.

People from other places to feel the different, unique way of life of the Saigon people. Part of Saigon life is at night. In which restaurants and bars are full of diners. Saigon people, whether women or men, office workers or students, have a snack habit. People try exotic new  foods to chat and mingle. Then as soon as  the sun comes out , the active Saigon people turn back to the work machine of a another day …

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